The UPV “Computerized Registration System” or commonly known as the CRS has been created primarily for a systematic and organized registration during enrolment. Before a semester ends, students should start pre-enlisting and confirming their respective subjects for the succeeding semester in the CRS. During enrolment, each student would simply present their temporary form 5 and the flow of the registration would be faster and easier. They can be enrolled in just the nick of time.

But the above scenario isn’t always the case. Students would usually be stressed out during pre-enlistment of subjects because the computer would usually bag down. Thus, the system would temporarily be unavailable. Some students won’t be able to pre-enlist on time and their slots for particular subjects would typically be taken by other students.

In the enrolment, the CRS that is suppose to keep the registration’s flow smooth and fast would ironically cause the enrolment to be slow and stressing. Thus, many students considered it as a CRISIS rather than as a tool for convenient registration. Nevertheless, I think that it has helped students in one way or another.



About michcaragayan

I'm currently studying as a Marketing student at the University of the Philippines. I love reading books! My favorite is the Harry Potter series. I love the way it was created and woven into an intricate and beautiful story. I also love traveling and witnessing the beauty of nature.
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